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This is the perfect bundle for any cyclist that wants Premium products to clean, protect and lube their pride and joy! The Bundle includes our classic Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, MO94 and our race quality Wet Lube!

  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is, quite simply the number 1 choice, not just for Team Sky but thousands of cyclists around the world! The revolutionary Nano Technology formula cleans on a microscopic level, whilst caring for your bike and its components.
  • Don't forget to disperse trapped water! MO94 contains intelligent PTFE and makes sure any hidden moisture is driven out, leaving a protective barrier over metal parts. Spray directly over your chain and gearset to remove any unwanted water before you lubricate the chain!
  • Ultra efficient chain lubrication with our Wet Lube. Smooth gear changes and unrivalled performance in all weather conditions.